PeaceAtTheTable.World is a site about telling and sharing true stories of sitting down to eat or drink with others – and the peace that it often brings. These stories can be about something as small as two people sharing a cup of tea and the connection that it brought.

Many of us have participated in or witnessed a meal that has grown peace between people. Please share your story with us & share this site so we can build peace together.

Food is critical to everyone and calls to us at birth in our first moments. It comes from a peaceful place before any thoughts of disagreements, hate or war. Share your story of peace over food over a drink.It is our most basic need that we all share.

When food or drink is shared we have an opportunity to see, talk, and connect with others in a most open and natural way.

The need for and the joy around food connects us all. Meals are catalysts for peace.

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These stories need to be told. The world needs to hear news and stories about healing and building peace – now as much as ever in our shared histories.