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» How José Andrés’s World Central Kitchen Went to WarChef Jose Andres World Central Kitchen

This is a beautiful story about Chef José Andrés’ World Central Kitchen. WCK has helped so many people with food support in many areas around the world.

“After 12 years in operation, the humanitarian organization knows how to mobilize quickly and adapt to all kinds of disasters. But the war in Ukraine presented a new set of challenges.”

Read and listen to how WCK went to war – to help the people of Ukraine.

» A 47-year veteran of Brooklyn’s Acme Smoked Fish says farewell on his final ‘Fish Friday’Brooklyn NY’s Acme Smoked Fish, Lox, Sable, Salmon
This story hits close to home. My family is several generations of NYC Jewish smoked salmon eaters. When my parents could afford it, it was on our Sunday morning table alongside the NY Times. This story makes me wonder how many times my family and their friends had eaten their lox. Either way, it’s a wonderful NYC food history story. I hope you enjoy it. Read the full article.

» Army of Volunteers Showers First Responders With Food, WaterAt Florida building collapse, volunteers hand out food and drinks to first responders
This is a touching story about the outpouring of support for the first responders who are searching for survivors of the Miami condominium collapse in 2021. Volunteers in the hundreds have been bringing food and cold drink, day and night.

Pastor Ezequiel Fattore of the Casa Church has been working with victims’ families. “He’s had heartbreaking conversations with loved ones of those dead and missing. Some members of his church have friends still unaccounted for. But he said the outpouring from volunteers has reaffirmed his faith. ‘It gives hope for humanity,’ he said.” Read the full article.

» Muslim Charity Spends Holy Month Feeding The Homeless Every Night,
This is a beautiful story of a volunteer-run food bank that hands out over 150 hot meals a night in Manhattan’s Herald Square. They are prepared at a mosque in Sunset Park, Queens, “as part of an initiative for Muslims Giving Back [MGB], a volunteer-run food bank and community assistance charity catering to homeless, immigrant, and low-income New Yorkers.

‘Charity is more done for us… when we hand someone food, we don’t expect a thank you from them. We tell them thank you.'” Read the full article. 

These stories need to be told. The world needs to hear news and stories about healing and building peace – now as much as ever.