is about sharing true stories of sitting down to eat or drink with others – and the peace that it often brings. 

Many of us have attended, or seen a meal that has grown peace between people. Please share your story so we can all build peace together.

Share your story of peace over food over a drink.» As our societies open up, how are you experiencing food differently as many of us get back to normal?  

» We would love to hear from chefs and restaurant professionals so that we can support you. Please share stories about peace that you have seen around food these days like this one from Chef Jim Rua.

» Were you alone and finding your own peace around food this past year? Tell us how food brought you comfort while you were quarantined.

» Are working in the growing of our food? Please help us tell your stories. 

These stories need to be told. The world needs to hear news and stories about healing and building peace – now as much as ever.