Chef Whites MediaI am very committed to doing work that is meaningful and significant – now more than ever.

There are so many things that have led me in the direction of wanting to hear stories of how food can nurture peace. When I was a chef in my much younger days I knew then that I couldn’t talk with everyone in my restaurant but I could cook for them and hopefully bring them some joy. Even then I felt the connection to total strangers because of the food that was on their table.

Another thing that has led me in this direction is my deep love for my beautiful, wonderful family. I want more than anything else to help them live with more peace every day in any way that I can.

This project began coalescing in my mind because of the constant news about the horrible violence and tragedies in our world. When I thought back on what I had said all those years ago about being able to bring some happiness to people around food, this idea came to me.

Stories are a necessary part of this project for me. I believe stories have great power – the power to remind us of all of our shared histories and who we are as a community and world. Stories also help remind us and teach us and our children the necessary lessons and histories that never should be forgotten – stories about love, healing, reconciliation, falling down and so on, and so on…

I hope very much that this project comes across to people everywhere and that these stories can help to nurture peace or healing, even in the smallest way. I would love to hear anything that you have to say about what I’ve written, what’s on your mind, or about anything that’s on this site.

Thanks very much and peace,

   – Jeff M.

These stories need to be told. The world needs to hear news and stories about healing and building peace – now as much as ever.