is a site that collects and shares true stories of peace and understanding that has come out of a shared meal or drink. 

The daily tragedies, violence, and war are very sad to me. After the tragic, mass shooting at the Pulse Nightclub in June of 2016 in Orlando, Florida I was angry. I was angry about all of the death and hate and disconnectedness that nurtures that hate.

People sharing dinner for peace.As I read more about the violence there that night, I was drawn to news that some of the residents of Orlando were reaching out to victims’ families who were mourning the tragedy.

The shooting was near the Islamic holiday of Eid al-Fitr which celebrates the end of Ramadan, the Islamic holy month of fasting. Victim’s families were invited to some of those local, end-of-fast dinners as a show of support, love, and compassion.

This led me to the idea of the importance of gathering and telling these kinds of stories of food and peace and healing. This idea helped me as well at that moment.

History, literature, religion, and art — just to name a few — have many stories about people, communities, and nations that have had peace and healing that grew out of a shared meal or drink.

Peace at the Table’s goal is to tell these stories and to ask others to tell theirs about peace and food as well. I’d be grateful if you would share yours.

I welcome any story from you about how healing or understanding has come out of a meal that you’ve participated in, witnessed, or helped to create.

Come read more about my story and what led me to create Peace At The Table.

Thanks very much and peace,
   – Jeff Marden

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These stories need to be told. The world needs to hear news and stories about healing and building peace — now as much as ever.