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Peace’s Featured Story

Boris Fishman is the author of the novels "A Replacement Life" and "Don’t Let My Baby Do Rodeo," and the memoir-in-recipes "Savage Feast."

The Defier Dish, or Learning to Make Latkes in Delaware is a touching story by published author and NY Times columnist Boris Fishman about connecting with his mother to master a generations-old family recipe, latkes.

Find out why Boris says that those latkes “taste like family — like home.” Come read the whole story.

Chef Jim Rua of Cafe Capriccio in Albany, NY shared this hand-written thank you note with us. It was given to him by a priest for a Christmas Eve dinner that chef shared with his family during a Covid lockdown.

“I felt like one of the shepherds who came to the manger that 1st Christmas — I was filled with awe.” Read more at a Gift From a Chef.

At Nana's Table

At Nana’s Table is a beautiful story about generations and cultures coming to Nana’s table to connect and share love and understanding over Sunday dinner.

“My Grandmother was an extraordinary woman. She was an Austrian Jew from the old country. Though she stood all of 4’11” she had a presence that no one could deny…” Read more At Nana’s Table.

Michela Bocchine of the Ethnographic Eater podcast

There’s Peace, Even in Chaos is a wonderful story from a hostess in a restaurant who is seating a wedding party on a slammed night. It happened as we all came out of pandemic lockdowns.

“That night, every single person in the room was sharing this loud, wonderful moment without realizing it, and that brought a joyful tear to my eye.” Read more at There’s Peace, Even in Chaos.


These stories need to be told. The world needs to hear news and stories about healing and building peace — now as much as ever.