It would be great to hear your Peace At The Table story. You can submit it on this form.

Your story can be anything from you eating a hot dog on a street corner alone with your thoughts, to two people sharing a cup of tea, to a large group sharing a feast – or anything else around food or drink that nurtured peace or brought understanding.

Be creative, there are no rules.

  • If you’d like to submit a YouTube video to tell your story you can include the link.  
  • Pictures with your story are great. You can submit image files as well.
  • Submit an audio file if you would like to “tell” your story.
  • We can set up a phone interview to record your story if you like.
  • If you have an idea but would like some help, put some general notes down on the form and we can work on it together.

Let me know if you have more ideas about how you’d like to tell your story.

very much welcome stories that include people from all walks of life, religions, races, ethnicities, orientations, and genders.

I would love to hear your story.

Thanks very much and peace,


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    These stories need to be told. The world needs to hear news and stories about healing and building peace – now as much as ever.